Plasma-Rich Platelet (PRP) Therapy is the Effective Remedy for Anti-Aging

Healing has been promoted in the medical field for decades through the use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). PRP treatments offer amazing improvement for aging skin issues. The beauty of the skin can be improved through safe and effective PRP treatment. This therapy holds the unique capability to offer a natural anti-aging solution using the patient’s own blood elements. Healing pigmentation and softening wrinkles are some significant benefits offered by PRP.

There have been further developments in PRP therapy over the years. The treatment ensures effective potential remedies for various chronic diseases and especially aging issues. This article below will take potential PRP inquirers through PRP for anti-aging for comprehensive understanding and to make an informed decision regarding the treatment.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Process

Let’s first discuss what the PRP therapy is. The defense of any human body depends crucially on blood platelets. These platelets or cells lend strong support to the damaged tissues that lead to healing. A plasma solution helps create a good quality Platelet- Rich Plasma. This plasma solution is five times more concentrated than the normal plasma platelets. It is obtained by drawing the blood from the body and subjecting it to the centrifuge process.

The PRP aids the healing process of skin by augmenting the damaged tissue’s regeneration and facilitating other self-healing cells. Human organs and tissues repair the damage through this natural, safe, and readily available PRP that is more effective than other regenerative medicinal methods.

How Plasma-Rich Platelet Works

PRP is administered through a micro-needling device. The PRP catalyzes the practical and comprehensive healing process due to the impressive effects on the tissue and bone health. These effects are caused by the bioactive factors that are attributed to the natural reservoir, Plasma-Rich Platelet. Conclusively, the injuries, wounds, or aging causes are countered with the enhanced increase in normal cellular response.

PRP Injections Administration

The human body can be supported in rejuvenation and healing with collagen production. Plasma-Rich Platelet can be administered to the face, body, scalp, wrinkles, and dark circles under the eyes. The purpose is to generate and enhanced quality collagen production and increase the blood flow to assist the healing process.

Benefits and Applications of PRP

Plasma-Rich Platelet treatment can decrease the pore size and increases blood flow in the treatment area. It also improves overall skin texture and plumps skin. PRP offers various applications and benefits in a variety of ways. Many PRP applications can be used in the field of Dermatology. Almost everyone in our daily lives express concern for aging issues at some point in their lives. Problems with the neck, face, and chest area can be optimized using PRP for anti-aging purposes. With age progression, factors like UV exposure, pollution, and smoking can affect the skin adversely, which leads to loss of glow and elasticity. The secretion of extracellular skin matrix components, including collagen, helps apply PRP treatment for skin’s rejuvenation stimulation. PRP injections have proved to be quite reliable, safe, efficient, and pain-free means of treating the dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles.

Vampire treatments using PRP have proven effective in treating the face in aesthetic medicine. The treatments have been observed to catalyze skin health and overall appearance. Vampire Face Facial is a term popularized by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. Vampire Facial is an effective and efficient combination of PRP and micro-needling. It is considered to be a powerful tool for sustaining youthfulness. The Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery emphasizes PRP therapy’s use in multiple cosmetic facial procedures. According to the Journal, PRP accelerates skin rejuvenation and revitalization. Furthermore, another PRP procedure, such as the Vampire Breast Lift, is applied to accentuate cleavage and offer volume loss in the breast.

The decision to undertake PRP for anti-aging should also take the multifaceted advantages offered relative to many other cosmetic treatments. PRP supports the skin to regain its beauty and overall health through rejuvenation. The skin benefits from reducing the wrinkles, tightening, damage repairs, hyperpigmentation improvement, texture improvement, and volume addition.

PRP has also proved to be effective with most of the older patients even in their 80’s. The growth factors have mostly proved to be potent and effective in plumping skin even in senior years. Skin tightening and texture improvement are known to garner great results. There are more significant indicators for younger and fresher skin because the immune system organically repairs any perceived damage.

With all of these benefits in mind, we will advise you to make your consultation appointments with our experts to learn more about this effective process to maintain your beauty via enhanced collagen levels naturally. Please refer to other useful information below that will help you decide on making a consultation appointment with basic knowledge beforehand.

Risks Associated With Plasma-Rich Platelets Therapy

Our clinics operate with honesty and with the goal of establishing trust. So it is essential to mention some risks that are associated with the therapy. It is advised to avoid the PRP in the case of thrombocytopenia, insulin-dependent diabetes, and anemia. Also, patients with any underlying platelet dysfunction or clotting should get a medical checkup before undergoing any such treatment.

Plasma-Rich Platelet Research

USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classify the Plasma-Rich Platelet as a medical device due to its use of centrifuge and needles. As discussed above, PRP benefits and applications for anti-aging have been proven time and again. Still, the dermatologists are faced with some critical questions in light of the lack of proper research. There is no definite explanation about the specific number of treatments for best results, the amount of a PRP injection at a time, or any long-term effects. Although PRP has been proven to be quite an effective treatment for anti-aging, further research will garner more credibility for the procedure.

Compatibility of PRP as an Anti-Aging remedy

The one big question that needs to be considered for an informed decision is PRP’s compatibility as an anti-aging treatment. According to dermatologists, patients are often concerned about the positive results of PRP and whether it will be effective on them. In case you are thinking about taking the procedure, our medical esthetician with in-depth training can evaluate your skin and recommend the best treatments for it. You can consult with our esthetician when deciding if the treatment will be the right course of action for your case.

As mentioned above, the dermatologists are faced with some questions that need investigation. But with so many PRP procedures performed in thousands of clinics over the years, the procedure has been deemed safe. The only side effects will be minute bruising and a little pain. Some swelling may occur but will fade away in a few days. The highest risk in the PRP treatment results from the mishandling of blood samples. Our clinical staff is well trained in phlebotomy, and they make sure that the blood is kept sterile to avoid developing an infection.

We recommend that patients should undertake 6-8 treatments spaced out over 2-weeks apart. This preferred plan will ensure that higher collagen levels are restored with ongoing treatments to sustain optimal results. The full effects of anti-aging results will begin to appear within a few weeks to months.

According to the research studies, patients who undergo three or more treatments get the optimal results. It is recommended to visit our clinics three or more times for blood drawing and treatment. Our esthetician may offer PRP alongside other treatments such as AAPE, Alex Peel, and SRS. At PRP Therapy Clinic and Skin Rejuvenation Clinic we offer up to 10 different packages for you to choose from.


We have the best blend of expertise, equipment, and unique pricing plans to ensure the PRP treatment’s effectiveness and efficiency for anti-aging. The PRP procedures at our Richmond Hill or Toronto clinics offer individual installment plans. Check out our current specials. Please make an appointment for more information by calling 647-492-5022 at our clinics or visiting or skin

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